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Cozumel is rated among the world's best dive destinations.

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Cozumel, located just a 12 mile ferry ride from Mexico's Yucatan coast, has some of the Caribbean’s clearest water and most exciting diving.

Visibility underwater is never less than 100 feet and sometimes reaches as much as 250 feet.

No wonder Cozumel is rated among the world’s best dive destinations. Snorkeling is almost as good but doesn't reach the truly spectacular formations found at depth.

Cozumel is particularly knows for its incredible sponge formations. The varieties of fish are plentiful, too, more than 230 different species, though they are not always that evident.

Cozumel has its own special fish, the "splendid toadfish," found nowhere else. The splendid toadfish grows between 12-16 inches long and lives in holes. It’s a fast eater. It can suck in another fish in just 6 milliseconds, faster than the blink of an eye.

Because the ocean currents are present all the time, Cozumel's diving is primarily drift diving. Divers take advantage of the underwater winds by floating with the 1 to 2-knot current just offshore.

San Miguel, the island's capital, is a major shopping hub now that Cozumel is a normal stop for cruise ships making the western Caribbean circuit. Duty free stores feature imported jewelry, handmade Mexican linens, perfumes and lots of t-shirts.

The restaurant choice is surprisingly varied and sophisticated, from catch-of-the-day seafood specials to Louisiana Creole classics, Mediterranean fare and authentic Mexican cuisine. See all the choices at the official Cozumel website.

But first, is it Maya or Mayan?

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