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Things To Do in Jamaica

These are some of the island's best known highlights. Also see Things To Do in Ocho Rios.

Bamboo Avenue
A famous, shady place that a common film and advertising background.

Black River
More than 2 dozen falls in a little over 2 miles

Blue Mountain & John Crow Mountains National Park
The most complete description of Jamaica hiking on the web.

Bob Marley's Grave Nine Mile
A mind altering experience at where the reggae great is buried, but come with a designated driver, just in case.

Available in the Blue Mountains outside Kingston at Holywell Park.

Cockpit Country & The Maroons
A remote stronghold of the Maroons best seen as a guided excursion.

Diving Jamaica
From Negril to Port Antonio

Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios
A large water park with more than dolphins

Dunn's River Falls Ocho Rios
One of the Caribbean's most famous landmarks

Fern Gully Ocho Rios
A former riverbed now a busy roadway

Home of English actor, dramatist, & songwriter Noel Coward

Great Houses Mongego Bay
Rose Hall & Greenwood Great Houses

Hiking & Walking
One of the Caribbean's best hiking islands

James Bond Beach
With the recipe to the bar's signature drink

Sightseeing Tours

Available from our Viator partner, they can be purchased before you leave home. Sightseeing tours are available in:

Montego Bay


Ocho Rios

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