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If you've ever wanted to climb a pyramid but never made it to Egypt, Coba is the perfect place to start. Its highest and most impressive pyramid is Nohoch Mull, which at 140 feet is the tallest pyramid in the northern Yucatan and the second tallest on the entire peninsula.

Coba, 24 miles inland from Tulum, is normally consideredtoo remote for most tours although the roads are quite good. But it’s a slow trip because of the many small villages and their speed bumps.

Coba is massive, perhaps the largest Maya settlement in the entire Yucatan. It has an estimated 6,500 structures dating back to perhaps 600 A.D. Only a few of the buildings have been cleared of the jungle; more than a half century may be required to excavate the region. To date, relatively little is known about Coba or its inhabitants.

Standing at the top of Nohoch Mull and viewing the 5 sacred lagoons within the Coba region, you can't help but be impressed by the grandeur of the Maya empire. Across the jungle floor below are the remains of the many overgrown homes and temples, betrayed by their shadow mounds at sunrise and sunset. No one knows how many such structures are hidden by the jungle.

Scientists speculate that perhaps hundreds of thousands of people lived and farmed near Coba. Today, only a small settlement remains. What so devastated these people and their empire? Disease? Drought? Religious wars? It is fascinating to sit atop the great Nohoch Mull and try to decipher the answers.

Stay overnight at Coba at the Villas Archeológicas.

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