Caimitillo Trail
El Yunque Hikes
This short trail has a gravel pathway.

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Caimitillo Trail
Hikes of El Yunque Rain Forest

Caimitillo Trail Length:
0.5 miles. Time: 20 minutes each way. Difficulty: 1. Trailhead: At km 11.7, across the street from the Sierra Palm Visitor Center.   

The popular Caimitillo Trail gravel and asphalt starts with a climb of 33 steps and passes the usually busy Caimitillo picnic area, then forms a short loop when it meets the El Yunque trail (see El Yunque Homepage).

You'll be walking through a lush palm forest, past wild impatiens (locally called miramelindas), bromeliads and heliconias.

The trail ends just south of the Palo Colorado visitor center on Rt. 191. You can return the same way or on 191. There is a possible side trip for a look at the Bano Grande, the largest swimming pool built by the CCC. It is closed to the public.

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