10+ Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance
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All the reasons to buy travel insurance
(Or, all the things that can go wrong)

A terrorist act occurs where you are scheduled travel. Understandably, you want to cancel your trip. (Covered by some policies. Also Cancel for any Reason insurance)

An epidemic like swine flu, bird flu or SARS breaks out (Cancel for any Reason insurance)

You are forced to cancel your trip due to your own illness at home (Trip cancellation insurance)

You are forced to cancel your trip due to illness of a family member (Cancel for any Reason insurance)

You miss your flight because on the way to the airport or cruise ship you are involved in a fender-bender or have a flat tire and miss the departure time. (Trip interruption insurance)

Your flight is delayed or cancelled. (Trip interruption insurance)

You are injured or have a medical emergency in a foreign country. (Does your health insurance offer coverage outside the U.S.? Will the destination accept it? Travel insurance offers assured protection)

Your accident or medical emergency can’t be adequately handled by the local medical facilities. You need to be evacuated back to the States.  (Medical evacuation coverage)

Your bags are lost or delayed.  (Baggage insurance for where your bags end up - Lost Luggage Hell)

Your wallet and passport are stolen or lost while traveling. You need a replacement passport and emergency money.  (Travel insurance or your credit card. Always carry several photocopies of your passport and stash them in different places to make passport replacement much easier)

The airline, cruise line, tour operator or resort goes bankrupt while you are on your trip. If you paid by credit card and the carrier or tour operator went bankrupt before you left home, your credit card would probably reimburse you. But if it happens while you’re traveling, you pay the costs to get home. (Travel insurance usually covers this contingency)

After arriving at your destination, a hurricane forces evacuation of your resort or hotel. (Trip interruption insurance)

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