St. John, USVI
Leinster Bay Trail
The beginning of a 3-part trail though diverse habitat and history.

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12. Leinster Bay Trail

Length: 0.8 mile. Time: 30 minutes. Difficulty: 1. Trailhead: Begins on the shore east of the Annaberg picnic site (Hike 11).

You'll still find cobblestone remnants along this old Danish road that leads to the ruins of the Leinster Bay Estate and Watermelon Bay.

The road borders a popular boat anchorage and swimming and snorkeling area. Sea turtles come ashore at night to bury their eggs on the beach during summer, something worth staying up late to see.

If you walk the seashore of Leinster Bay, you may hear what sounds like the laughter of a psychopathic maniac.

It's the cry of the duck-like bird known as a coot and apparently the source of the term, "crazy as a coot."

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