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St. John Hiking Trails

The distance of St. John's hiking trails were measured by the U.S. National Park Service, a rare service in the Caribbean, where hikes are normally measured by walking time. When hiking St. John, always carry water and bug spray. (Click here for an overview of St. John hiking.)

The low altitude makes the St. John trails some of the Caribbean's hottest walking paths. They are well marked and if you do get lost, head downhill where you'll eventually reach a shoreline.

The sun sets suddenly here, usually by 6:30 in winter and by 7:30 in summer, so don't linger on the trails near sunset or you could find yourself stumbling around in the dark.

And it will be dark on St. John because there are so few lights around.

St. John North Shore Trails

1. Lind Point Trail. . . Conveniently located close to the ferry dock and park visitor center

2. Caneel Hill Trail-Margaret Hill Trail . . .Also close to the ferry dock, starting near Mongoose Junction.

3. Caneel Hill Spur Trail . . . This short trail leads to the beach at the Caneel Bay Resort.

4. Water Catchment Trail . . . A little used trail extending for a mile each way.

5. Turtle Point Trail . . . A circular trail that begins inside the Caneel Bay Plantation.

6. Peace Hill . . . A short trail leading to a fine old sugar mill tower.

7. Cinnamon Bay Self Guided Trail . . . The short loop trail explores ruins of an old sugar plantation.

8. Cinnamon Bay Trail . . . A steep trail climbing to Centerline Road.

9. Francis Bay Trail . . . A short trail birders will enjoy especially in winter months.

10. Annaberg School Trail . . . Brief walk to one of the Caribbean's oldest school houses.

11. Annaberg Sugar Mill Ruins Trail . . . The only trail for which there is a fee, but it's well worth it.

Leinster Bay-Johnny Horn-Brown Bay Trails

Three trails that lead from one to the next and through a variety of habitats. Like many other hiking trails, these follow old roadways once connecting thriving Danish plantations.

12. Leinster Bay Trail . . . The trail passes a popular swimming and snorkel area.

13. Johnny Horn Trail . . . A longer trail best started at the old church in Coral Harbor.

14. Brown Bay Trail . . . A spur from the Johnny Horn Trail leading to an old estate house from 1872.

St. John South Shore Trails

Most of these trails begin or end along Centerline Road, also known as Route 10.

15. Reef Bay Trail . . . Probably the most popular trail. Join a guided ranger hike.

16. Petroglyph Trail . . . One of the more interesting sites with unusual stone carvings.

17. Lameshur Bay Trail . . . Another longer and steeper trail, real hiking and walking.

18. Yawzi Point Trail . . . Short walk to where outcasts with yaws once lived.

19. Bordeaux Mountain Trail . . . A steep walk up and down the mountain.

Salt Pond Bay-Drunk Bay-Ram Head Trails

The trailhead for all three is the parking area 3.9 miles south of the town of Coral Bay at Salt Pond Bay. Coming down Centerline Road into Coral Bay , turn left onto Route 107, which passes the parking area, on your left. The road down to Salt Pond Bay is usually gated off, which does not mean the trails are closed. Walk around the gate and follow the road down.

20. Salt Pond Bay Trail . . . Short walk to a good swimming and picnic site.

21. Drunk Bay . . . Brief stroll to the water.

22. Ram Head . . . My favorite hike on St. John, leading to some dramatic views high above the coastline.

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