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Tracking Caribbean Hurricanes

Tracking the latest Caribbean hurricane is easy.

For complete information on the latest hurricane, www.nhc.noaa.gov.

Non-government website on Twitter with the latest NOAA updates. Sign up their for alerts.

Atlantic Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook covering a two day period.

This Weather Underground site is especially good for tropical weather and hurricane tracking and links to numerous other sites.

Hurricane Season
Background Info: greatest activity typically in August, September and October.

September is often the most active month, a time some islands almost shut down because tourism is almost dead. Hurricane season officially ends November 30, but storms have formed in December, too. See hurricane strike zones by month since the 1800s

Technically, when a tropical system organizes, it's initially labeled a tropical depression. If sustained winds reach 39 mph, the system is upgraded to a tropical storm and named.

Once a tropical storm reaches sustained winds of 74 mph, it's finally classified as a hurricane. Hurricanes are classified into 5 different categories based on their strength.

If you and a hurricane are headed toward the same island destination, change your path. Cancel or postpone. Heavy downpours always accompany these storms, which may create landslides and disrupt island life for six months or more.

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