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Bermuda Cruise Ports

About 330,000 cruise passengers visit Bermuda annually, a small number compared to the Bahamas and some Caribbean ports. Some ships visit for only a day.

Yet cruising is one of the most convenient and cost effective ways to visit Bermuda, which has some of the most expensive land vacations of any island in the hemisphere. 

Some cruise ships visiting Bermuda make the island a casual one-day stop. Most make Bermuda their only destination, as it deserves to be (See Attractions & Sightseeing as well as Best Fun Things To Do and Nightlife & Entertainment).  

Land travel around Bermuda by cab, bus or scooter is a royal pain thanks to the traffic congestion, considered some of the world’s worst. Here’s a secret:  Bermuda has more cars and motor vehicles per square mile than anywhere else. That’s why it takes an hour or more to travel a mere 20 miles fro lm end of the island to the other,.

So the ideal Bermuda cruise is aboard a ship that
docks at St. George Town and Hamilton. The ships at both ports are conveniently positioned in the middle of everything, with the major attractions and shops almost at the end of the gangplank.   

King's Wharf at Royal Naval Dockyard at the west of the island is the least desirable anchorage since it is far removed from the island’s prime beaches, prime shopping and prime attractions.

The Royal Naval Dockyard, while touted as a major attraction itself, is a more interesting  photo subject than the entertainment/shopping center it’s advertised to be.  

If you’re on a megaship—and most visiting Bermuda today are--you’ll be at one of the Dockyard’s two long piers. After 8 at night, it’s pretty dead unless some cruise-sponsored event is scheduled in the Dockyard.

You can’t count on your cruise ship to provide its usual entertainment while docked in the Dockyard.  The government requires that a ship’s normal nighttime entertainment be shut down while docked in Bermuda unless the entertainment is provided by Bermudians. No other port we cover has such restrictions.

Here's what to do at each port:

To King's Wharf, Royal Naval Dockyard

To City of Hamilton

To St. George Town

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