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Like the Bahamas, Bermuda is located in the Atlantic—way out in the Atlantic. (See Maps of Bermuda)

Bermuda is some 600 miles east of Cape Hatteras, NC, and 1,000 miles north of the Caribbean. (See Ten Things About Bermuda You Should Know)

Because of its location, summer is Bermuda's main tourist season. (See Bermuda Weather Best Time to Go)
Summer also is when the majority of cruise ships arrive at Bermuda's three ports of call. The ports are King's Wharf at the Royal Naval Dockyard, at St. George Town and at the City of Hamilton.

Unlike the Caribbean, Bermuda boasts many spectacular pink sand beaches, a feature few Caribbean islands can claim. See Bermuda Beaches Photo Gallery

Bermuda may be only 22 miles long, but the narrow roads and slow traffic require up to 2 hours. (See Things To Do)

Bermuda is steeped in British tradition and sophistication. It clings tightly to a past in which order, efficiency and consideration were an everyday standard. So Bermuda is tightly controlled, like any good planned community.

These values are reflected in the extraordinary cleanliness of the small towns and their streets. Litter is almost unknown. So is garishness. The island looks like a carefully manicured garden.

No wonder it's a favorite spot for getting married and for honeymoons.

Unlike many islands, Bermuda has a varied nightlife with little of it confined to the hotels thanks to all the restaurants, clubs and bars and quality theater. (Bermuda Dining and Nightlife)

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