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Since the bottom off Cozumel drops quickly to over 3,000 feet, billfish of every variety--blue marlin, white marlin and sailfish--can be caught within a quarter mile of the shore.

Generally, best fishing is on the dark of the moon and just before the full moon when the traveling billfish bunch up between Cozumel and the Yucatan coast as they eat their way north in these bait-rich waters.

Cozumel is world famous for the consistently large number of sailfish that concentrate here annually. During peak periods, anglers may raise as many as 15 to 20 fish in a single day.

Cozumel's sailfish average around 52 pounds but can go up to 70 pounds.

One of Cozumel's largest blue marlin weighed 670 pounds, had to be cut in half to fit on the scale. An average blue marlin is closer to 200 pounds. White marlin usually run about 110.

For several decades, Cozumel has held a tournament to coincide with the spring billfish migration that extends from late April to June. The tournament traditionally is held in May.

Gamefish headquarters is the Club Nautico de Cozumel, capable of accommodating visiting sportfishing boats of up to 100 feet in length. Charters are also available. Telephone 529-872-0118; fax 529-872-1135

Besides billfish, other offshore gamefish taken throughout the year include dorado (dolphin fish), blackfin tuna, kingfish, barracuda and wahoo.

Bottom fishing, more popular among tourists than locals, will produce grouper, grunts, yellowtails and other snappers.

Light tackle fishermen can sight-cast to the wily bonefish that roam the shallow sand flats that extend from the Mayan Plaza Hotel to Cozumel's northern end.

In bonefishing, 2 anglers take turns casting to the bonefish they spot in the crystal clear water as a guide poles their skiff across the flats.

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